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Hi! My name is Anna-Maria. I was born and raised in Kent in the UK and moved with my husband and children to Calgary in Canada in 2010.

I've always enjoyed cooking for my family and friends and I've learned from experience over the years how to cook fast and tasty food, especially for our 4 always-hungry children. Since moving to Calgary there's been a lot of food that I grew up with that isn't readily available over here. My solution: make my own versions.

I've always cooked Italian, Mediterranean and British food because that's what I grew up with, with recipes passed down through my family. Now I've added Canadian and American classics to my repertoire as well.

I've created this blog to record recipes to pass down to my own children. I have always been told by my family that I should share my recipes with everyone. Where I can I'll also include any tips that I've found helpful over the years to make life that little bit easier, and various suggestions for different tastes and dietary requirements.

I hope that this blog gives you some ideas on what to cook on a busy week night or weekend. Please feel free to ask any questions, make comments or suggestions for recipes, adaptations or modifications. I'd like to think that I'm learning about food all the time, so any input is gratefully received.