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Pork and Linguini
Pork and Linguini

This is a fairly quick three-ingredient, but satisfying, pasta dish that's always a hit with me and my family.

You will need:

  • 1kg / 2lb Linguini
  • 500g / 1lb Either cured salt pork or pancetta or lardons.
  • Garlic olive oil

This serves around 6 people

How To Cook:

If you are using salt pork soak it overnight in cold water, changing the water at least twice to remove as much salt as you can.

Soak the meat if you're using salt pork

Chop the pork of your choosing into pieces around half an inch or so cubed. If you make them too small they'll dissolve in the olive oil.

Chop the pork into pieces and put them into a pan

Add enough garlic flavoured olive oil to just cover the pork in a small ovenproof dish (I use an 8" square cake tin - if it's too big there will be too much oil).

Drizzle the meat with garlic olive oil

Put the dish into a preheated moderate 350°F / 180C / Gas Mark 4 oven and leave it for 60 minutes, checking every ten minutes until the pork is brown, but not too crispy.

The pork should be brown but not too crispy

For the linguini, follow the packet instructions and boil in a large pot. Add plenty of salt when the water is boiling, NOT BEFORE it's boiling or it will scorch / mark the pot.

Boil the linguini in a large pot

When both the linguini and pork are cooked, serve the pasta in individual bowls, and then spoon over the meat and as much of the garlic oil as you want.

Serve the linguini with the pork pieces on top
Serve the linguini with the pork pieces on top
Serving suggestion: My family and I like garlic bread on the side!Serving suggestion: My family and I like garlic bread on the side!

N.B. Like most of my recipes, this is just a starting point for you to adjust to your family's needs and tastes.

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